Air Conditioner Installation

Kingmor Supply is the largest distributer of Carrier air-conditioning products for buses in the nation. Our expansive shop is located next door to the IC Corporation Bus Manufacturing Facility, making it incredibly easy to get a high-quality Carrier air-conditioner installed in your next International bus purchase.

Kingmor Supply will also professionally retrofit any bus you currently own to provide cool comfort for your passengers. We will customize the air-conditioner installation to your BTU specifications, bus type and driver controls. Contact us today if you're thinking of adding air-conditioning to your bus fleet.

Our years of experience at insalling these excellent Carrier air-conditioning units will ensure the best ride for your passengers. We install driver and/or passenger air-conditioners and heaters in a wide variety of configurations from in-dash units to bulkhead, freeblow and top-mount units. As an owner, you can sleep soundly knowing you have the best names in the business standing behind your bus.

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Our Expansive Shop Parts Waiting for Installation Rear-mounted Air Conditioner
Top-mounted Air Conditioner Front-mounted Air Conditioner TM-21 Heavy Duty Compressor